Astragalax is a protein made from astragonals proteins that protect the lining of the bloodstream from infection.

The protein is found in the blood of some people and has been linked to protection from colds and flu.

Astragonalus is an antiviral protein that protects the lining cells and tissues of the body from infection, and is a part of the blood-clotting system of the human body.

A report by the National Institutes of Health said in September that Astragalgis can be used as an adjuvant to prevent a variety of infections.

That includes influenza and pneumonia.

In addition to helping protect the human immune system, Astrgalus also helps prevent certain cancers, such as brain cancer.

The company said in August it plans to market Astragalistals as a novel vaccine against influenza.

It also plans to make Astragalytics an injectable vaccine to treat blood clots.