You might be thinking: What’s Astrazeneca’s problem?

It’s an industry leader in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for erectile dysfunction (ED).

And it sells them in a big way: $9 billion annually.

But as the company has faced criticism for selling products that could help treat erectile problems, it’s faced backlash for its controversial testosterone capsules.

 Astrazeneca CEO David Himmelstein has apologized for the AstraXasad testosterone injections that he blamed for a rash of sexual assault allegations.

“These allegations are deeply troubling and are not in line with our values as a company,” he wrote in a statement released Tuesday.

“Our company is committed to providing safe, effective and compassionate treatment for our patients.”

The company also acknowledged that its testosterone supplements are not FDA-approved, and the FDA has said that they do not have the power to regulate them.

“In light of the recent events, it is our intention to fully and fully address these concerns and provide an update to our patients on this process, and provide more information to their physicians,” Himmlstein said in the statement.

The FDA says the company’s testosterone injections have not caused any health problems and that it’s not sure why the company was charging people for their treatments, but that it will review the company more closely in the future.

What are Astrazenecans’ claims?

Astrazenecan testosterone capsules are made with Astra-Zeneca-developed testosterone, and it has a testosterone level of about 9 milligrams per milliliter.

The company says it provides a dose of 1.8 milligram of testosterone a day for men.

It’s also said to help increase muscle mass and improve sexual performance.

The company’s products include Astra Zeon testosterone injections, Astra Zeneca Testosterone Boosts, Astrazena testosterone injections and AstraCadril testosterone injections.

The Astrazenax testosterone injectors are sold in three versions: a single-dose package, a monthly or quarterly package and a lifetime package.

How is Astrazenechin sold?

Astrazenenacase is a supplement, and not a pill, the company says.

The product is marketed as a supplement for men with a healthy sexual function, or who are looking to lose weight.

It is made from AstraVitamins, Astramax, Astralax, and Astragalus.

It is sold at pharmacies, health food stores and online at

Astrolase, Astrakin and Astrazin are the company names for the testosterone capsules and the testosterone supplements, respectively.

There is no word yet on the Astrazenaca company’s future plans.

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