The astragalus species is a small, reddish-brown cow that produces milk, milk tea and other beverages.

Photo: Supplied “This is an amazing animal to see in person.

It is beautiful to look at,” Ms Dickson said.

“I’m hoping the community can use it to promote awareness of the benefits of astragalesis, and to educate people about the importance of breastfeeding.”

Ms Denton said she hoped the event would encourage people to take action and help raise awareness.

“We have to get this animal back into the public eye because it is a symbol of hope for so many people,” she said.

Astragaleses can live up to 10 years and are often seen with their heads down, with the cow sitting upright with its head down.

“Its very rare for the calf to survive but its not a good sign if it’s not surviving,” Ms Dunston said.

The event was organized by the local Animal Sanctuary, which works to promote animal welfare and animal welfare awareness.

The Sanctuary said it was donating 25,000 kangaroo corrugated plastic bags to benefit the organisation’s mission to raise awareness about animal welfare.

“For years we have been working on raising awareness around the world about the issues of animal welfare, so we thought it was really important to take a stand on this,” Ms Vann told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“To have a chance to see this cow for yourself is a real honour.”

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