Australia’s health minister says Astra Australia and Astras Pacific will be suspended after a coronaviral outbreak was detected in two of its branded products.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy says the government is not releasing any further details on the products but said it had been informed of the issue and would consider the matter at a later date.

Ms Hennesso said the products were affected by a new coronaviruses variant.

She said there was no evidence that the affected products had been contaminated by the coronavid.

“The products were made by different companies, and they were manufactured in different places,” she said.

“So there’s no way of knowing if the products had anything to do with the outbreak.”

I have contacted each of the companies that manufacture these products and we’ve spoken to them and we have made arrangements to make sure that all of them get a proper recall of their products.

“The products had already been recalled by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for selling them without a certificate of authenticity.”

We don’t have any information to suggest that the products are contaminated with the coronovirus,” she told ABC Radio’s Lateline program.”

As a result, we have not decided to suspend the sale of the products.

“Australia’s largest drugmaker Astra has so far said it has not yet determined whether the products contained the new coronivirus variant.

The Australian Health Minister says there is no evidence the affected Astra products had any contaminating agent.

The affected Astras were made in Australia, the Australian Industry Group said in a statement on Monday.

The products will be withdrawn from the market immediately, the statement said.

Australia’s chief health officer Dr Andrew Cawthorne says the country’s coronavide vaccination program will remain open through the end of the year.”

What we’re seeing is this continued pandemic and we’re just getting more people infected with the virus,” Dr Cawdrethorne said on Tuesday.”

It’s really important that we continue to vaccinate the population so we can ensure that we’re getting the most out of our vaccine, so that we don’t get an outbreak that is going to bring us even further into the epidemic.

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