Astragalums are known for being good for cold and flu prevention.

The Astragalesis Extract Capsule is one of the best cold and fever prevention products available.

This Astragalia Capsule will help you prevent colds and flu for as long as you need.

This is the perfect supplement for those who are struggling with colds or who have severe flu symptoms.

This Astragale Capsule contains the following:Astragalums Extract Capsula1 oz.

Astragalesis 1/2 cup of Water1 tsp.

Caffeine (1-2mg)1 tsp Astragalian Extract 1/4 cup of Sugar1/4 tsp.

Astragalid 1/8 cup of Cocoa Powder1/8 tsp.

Vitamin C1/2 tsp.

Ginger Extract (1.5mg)5 drops of L-Theanine (5mg/ml)1 teaspoon of Astragaliase extract (2-5mg in capsules)1.

In a blender or food processor, blend the L-theanine extract with the sugar and caffeine until the mixture is smooth.2.

Add the Astragalis Extract capsules to the mixture and blend until well combined.3.

Blend in the Cocoa powder and the ginger extract.4.

Enjoy the perfect cold and influenza prevention supplement!

Ingredients:1 ounce of Astagalalesis extract 1/3 cup of water 1 tsp.

caffeine (1mg)2.

Mix together the ingredients until well blended.