Astragalax honey is safe to take at night with no adverse side effects, a leading herbalist in Spain said Monday.

Astragalis is a popular herbal supplement to treat fatigue, headache and pain.

It’s a common ingredient in herbal teas and supplements and it’s widely used as a supplement for both people and animals.

But the herbalist said in recent years, there has been a lack of scientific evidence for the supplement’s effectiveness.

She said the company that made the product, a Spanish-based company called Astragalax, does not have a patent on the product.

In a statement, the company said it was “disappointed” that it did not have an active patent and was looking into it.

However, in an interview with the BBC, the herbalists behind Astragali said the product is safe.

The company says it has tested the product on laboratory animals and it has proven safe in tests on mice.

The company says that is not the case for humans.

The herbalists say that the company is currently considering whether it would sell the product to the public.