As you probably know by now, there’s an interesting new game coming out this month called ‘Stragalus’.

It’s a story-driven puzzle game where you play as a boy trapped in a house with an old woman, who wants to make him happy and provide a safe haven for his brother.

That’s the idea behind it, and it’s coming from developer, Blue Byte Games.

The team behind the game is based in Barcelona, Spain, and has already released its first title, ‘Strategos’, in 2017.

You can find the game’s trailer below, which shows off some of the elements the team have created to help the game succeed.

The main premise of ‘Stragi’ is that you play the role of a young boy named Alex, who is being held captive by his mother.

At the beginning of the game, you have to find the key to open the safe house.

But once you do, you’re trapped inside the house and the key can only be accessed through a series of events.

These events range from an intruder to a mysterious, supernatural force to a violent attack by a giant snake.

The game’s soundtrack is composed by Luis Felipe Rios, the creator of ‘Astro Blox’, the ‘Strangelove’ soundtrack and many other classics from the 80s.

The developer has also partnered with a number of other independent artists, including former Misfits guitarist John Kovalic.

Stragalos’ story is an amalgamation of the two main themes of the genre, namely, empathy and freedom.

The theme is very much the theme of the book ‘The Adventures of Stragalus’ by the Catalan novelist, Juan Antonio García Lorca.

As mentioned, Alex is in a state of anxiety, and this anxiety comes from his mother, who keeps trying to make Alex happy.

When you explore the house, you’ll discover that the room with the old woman is filled with pictures and letters, which Alex can use to make his dreams come true.

The puzzles are designed so that you’ll need to find a specific key, which can unlock the safe, and a certain key, but also that you have a specific task that you need to complete to save your brother.

The game is also designed to be visually engaging, and in that regard, the developers have created an immersive environment where you can see the world through the eyes of the character, who also has an ability to read the letters.

You’ll also need to interact with the world to make it feel alive.

That is how the game feels.

And this is what makes it so unique.

The visuals of the house are designed to evoke emotions.

There’s an eerie, ghostly feel to the rooms and the floors, and the sounds of the sounds are designed for the player to react to.

You might be thinking that this is not the first time we’ve seen such an immersive, atmospheric game.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration.

‘Stranglehold’ was released back in 2016, and is a very different type of game from ‘Stragus’.

But the concept of ‘stranglehold’, in the form of a story, is something that is very similar.

Stranglelocks are a type of puzzle game that’s been around for decades.

It’s designed to have the player interact with a small room and then interact with it by moving around and using objects, but the main difference is that the game has a narrative structure.

In other words, the story is not about what happens in the room, but what the player is doing.

The main focus of the story in ‘Strangles’ is to get Alex to believe that his mother is trying to give him a safe place to grow up, but in the end, it’s up to him to survive and become a better person.

In the case of ‘Bubbles’, this would be the ability to make love to the woman in the safe.

It has a very similar structure to ‘Strangles’, but there’s also a little bit of a twist.

‘Bubs’ is a similar game that has a more straightforward plot, but it also has a much more complex narrative structure and gameplay mechanics.

The idea behind the games is that it’s all about the journey, which in this case is an emotional journey.

The characters in ‘Buns’ are trying to understand their feelings, and while they may not always have a good answer, they do eventually come to understand the situation.

It is a journey where you need a good time, and that’s exactly what the developers are aiming for.

And that’s why they’re doing this with ‘Strags’.

They want to make you feel like you’re really part of the adventure, and you can experience that feeling in the game.

‘Tristan’, the main protagonist of ‘Tris’, is a young man who is living in an orphanage and needs help in order to survive.

His story starts from the beginning, and