Astragalensis extract pills have been used to treat an asthma condition called astragalus desperata and have been shown to reduce the severity of asthma symptoms.

The Astra Zeneca Astragalus Dosierung has also been shown in studies to reduce symptoms of asthma in people with asthma.

The pills are available from pharmacies, pharmacies that sell the drugs as well as online.

The UK government announced on Monday that AstraSciences had been given a green light to resume sales of the AstraMedicine and AstraGlaxoSmithKline AstraGuard products in the UK.

The drugs are available in the US under the Astragalax, AstraViv, Astragel and Astragala brands.

The products are available as AstraNova, AstaXtra, Astrava and Astrolax products.

“This is a significant step towards continuing to provide AstraMeds and AstroMeds for the benefit of our patients, the British public and the wider healthcare system in the country,” said Dr Helen Torsher, chief executive of the British Asthma Foundation.

“I would like to thank Astra Pharma for their efforts to provide safe and effective treatment to Astragalis patients, their families and the British healthcare system.”

In November last year, Asthma UK said the Astraball products were failing to provide the benefit promised by Astra meds, which it said had been sold under generic names, to patients who had previously been given Astra Meds.

AstraMeds have been widely promoted as safe and well-tolerated medications by the UK’s health authorities.

In February, the Department of Health said AstraGel, Astralight, Astrakalax and Astralax were all safe and efficacious.

In a statement, the Astralife group said: “We welcome this new government recognition of Astragalgia products and are delighted to be working closely with the NHS to further support the development of a safe and reliable product for patients with asthma.”

The group said it would continue to work with the UK Government to support the introduction of Astra medicines in England.

It added: “With Astra medications now available for purchase in pharmacies, we will continue to advocate for the inclusion of Astrola in all prescriptions.”