Next Big Futures Article Astragaloschine is an ancient Chinese medicine that can treat a variety of diseases, including chronic pain, and can be used for a wide range of ailments including headaches and asthma.

Astraginosilic acid is a component in the Chinese herbal medicine.

AstraGonzalez said the compound was discovered in China and was later made available in the United States.

“What we’re doing is working with other companies and we’re trying to find a way to export it overseas,” Astra-Gonzales said.

The breakthrough is the latest example of Chinese researchers working to produce high-quality, inexpensive drugs, which could help save lives.

Last year, researchers at the University of Southern California discovered that astraginasilosin, a compound found in the leaves of the Asian plant Astragus chinese, is an effective treatment for chronic pain.

A team of researchers at UC Davis worked with Chinese researchers to isolate the drug, and this year they published a study in the American Journal of Pain.

The study is the first to show that a single compound can effectively treat chronic pain in humans.

The new study is one of the first reports of a compound with a potential for using in humans, said lead author Dr. Yi Guo, a professor of dermatology at UC Berkeley.

The compound is anastrocytic, which means it blocks the ability of the body to break down the chemical neurotransmitters that are normally released when a nerve is injured.

“Astragalsilosins can inhibit the production of neurotransmitter-containing proteins and reduce their activity.

It also inhibits the breakdown of neuroinflammatories,” Guo said.

In addition to reducing pain and other symptoms, Astragyrolosins also has potential for treating other ailments.

A small clinical trial with Astragsilosinic acid in humans shows it can reduce pain in a group of people with arthritis.

Astraginosa has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, but the drugs were very expensive and not widely available.

But Astraginosin and its component Astragiolosin have recently made their way onto the market, making it easier to find, Guo added.

“The cost of the drug is very low and it’s a very cheap way to treat the same disease.

There’s no way you could buy the drug in China for $20,” Guos said.

“So, the Chinese are doing it in a way that we’re seeing in the U.S. It’s a much more affordable, safer way of treating pain.”

AstraGons has received funding from the National Institutes of Health and the U,S.

Department of Defense.