Astragalos polysacchylosides, or astragalus, are the ingredients in the cancer drug AstraGaia.

They’re found in many cancer treatments, but the most commonly used is a synthetic form of the plant.

It’s not safe to eat.

It’s not good for you.

It can cause cancer.

They have a very low bioavailability.

The bioavailability of a drug can be 10 to 20 per cent.

So, when you eat a lot of astragalans, you have less bioavailability and the absorption of that drug is much lower.

But the reason they’re used is that they are the active ingredient in astraGel, the anti-cancer drug.

That means they can be used as a preservative.

They are used as preservatives in many foods, including dairy products, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, some fruits and vegetables, and dairy products and dairy-based desserts.

And so, when they’re applied to food, they will cause a small but significant decrease in bioavailability, which will lead to reduced absorption of the drug.

So, it is safe to consume and, in fact, they are available in grocery stores.

But, it’s very difficult to consume the entire plant.

The only place you can buy it is through a lab, which is very expensive.

They sell it in small quantities in pharmacies and grocery stores, and it’s available through some of the most popular online pharmacies.

For people with very poor access to the Internet, it can be difficult to find products that contain it, especially in the case of AstraBolts.

And that’s because there’s a lot more information out there than there is to be found on the Internet.

So if you go to the grocery store and you see a bottle of Astragalus gel, you will be able to find it, because there are so many brands of it.

It may not be available in the store, because they’re not selling it.

But you can find it online.

So they’re very expensive, but they are very safe.

They actually are very effective.

We found a study where they actually reduced the rate of death in people who had metastatic prostate cancer by 50 per cent, compared to people who didn’t have metastatic cancer.

So there’s very good evidence that they’re effective.

They also reduce the risk of getting cancer, because the immune system attacks the cells that produce cancer.

So people who have metastases of prostate cancer are going to have a much higher risk of developing cancer if they don’t have AstraGs.

And there are other health benefits of astraGs, including:It’s a good anti-inflammatory.

It reduces inflammation.

It improves circulation.

It helps to heal blood vessels.

It reduces the amount of toxins in the blood, including mercury, lead, cadmium, lead acid, lead compounds and arsenic.

It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels, which are the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

So it’s one of the top cancer drugs.