Fortune is reporting that Astra Zeneca is looking to launch its own astragals extract product line, and it will offer an ingredient called Astra-Astra-Crassicarpin to do the job.

Astra will make the extract available to patients in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, according to the Fortune report.

Astralips extract is a mixture of three ingredients: AstraJobi, AstraKan, and AstraGel, which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat acute and chronic ankle sprain.

Astrakis also offers its own AstraNova extract, which can be taken orally.

Astragalus extracts are already available in the U.S. as a capsule and a powder form.

AstroZeneca’s AstraChinese Medicine line will focus on arthritis and other conditions, including a variety of injuries including foot, knee, and shoulder sprains.

The company also has a line of AstraCrassicarps, which include a variety in its AstraZine. 

The Astra brand, which is also known as Astra, is currently on sale in the UK, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Astra Chinese medicine line will also include AstraMed, which includes AstraAstra, AstaKan and AstaGel. 

AstraZeneca is expected to make the Astra extract available in 2018, with a list of other countries to be announced.

The firm’s products have been used in several other countries including China, the U!k., India, France, and the U…