Astragalesis is a rare disease that has been around for thousands of years.

The disease is extremely rare and it has been classified as an unusual disease.

But with new research suggesting Astragalgesis is caused by a strain of plant called the Astragala, the number of cases has jumped.

The disease is thought to be caused by the plant’s roots, which have been used as a treatment for the ailment.

In fact, this is what was used to make the medicine that was used in ancient Greece.

Now a new study has shown that Astragaleas leaves contain a powerful ingredient that could help treat Astragalgas symptoms.

This is what the AstraGala plant looks like.

It contains an extract of the plant called “Astragalus.”

The compound is called Astraglase and it is found in many other plant products.

But the AstgaAla extract was a unique ingredient, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which found the plant extracts had the potential to cure Astragaga.

In the study, published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers at the University and the University College London looked at Astraglia leaves that were dried and then rehydrated to the same concentration.

They found that the AstaGala extract was able to kill the bacteria that caused Astragalias symptoms by binding to the cell wall of the bacteria.

They also found that when Astragla extract was applied to the affected area, it made the cells more resistant to infection.

“The study shows how the isolated extract of Astragalia is a potential therapeutic for Astragalinas disease, and it’s a very exciting discovery that could potentially be used in Astagalus therapies as well,” Dr. Robert Kiely, a professor of genetics at the UW-Madison Medical College and co-author of the study said.

He added that the finding could be used to develop Astragals own medicine.