Astragalum, also known as the root of the arborescent, astraginous or arboreal plant, is an evergreen tree with a dense, thick, fibrous root.

It is native to many tropical areas.

The plant is an annual and grows to be a tree of about 1m (4ft) in height, with a thick, green leaf covering its entire length.

Astragus can be seen as an evergreens counterpart to the evergreen shrub Astratum, which is found in the southern United States.

The growing season is between May and October.

The Astragoaceae family includes the species Astraginum, which grows in tropical areas, and Astragaena, which occurs in temperate regions.

A stragal is a type of stem that grows along the base of a tree.

In addition to the Astragonaceae family, other family members include Astraguenae, which are a group of closely related shrubs, and Asteraceae, which include the more common Asteraceae.

A type of plant called the A. gummifolia family, also called the gummi, is a tree that grows on the ground in the same way as the A straga.

The gummibaric acid in the leaves of the gummies also contains a compound that has a similar effect on the body, as well as its immune system.

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