The New York Times/CBS News Poll released Thursday showed a stunning 60% of Americans say they’re not interested in living in their hometowns in the near future.

But the number of Americans who say they are interested in moving there is far higher.

Among those who say their city is in their top 10, the average score is 7.3.

That’s a whopping 81% of those surveyed say they don’t want to live there.

Many people who don’t live in their city don’t think it’s a bad place to move, but it may be harder to find space than you think.

Many are worried about housing costs and want to buy a place right away, while others are worried they’ll lose their jobs if they leave.

And a sizable number of people are looking to retire and buy their own place in the next 10 years.

Here’s how to find the best places for your new life.

Astragalos desperatus Astragus is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

Its name literally means “fearless.”

It’s the largest island in Greece and is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

The capital, Samos, is home to the largest Greek population in Europe.

The island’s history dates back to the first ships that landed on the island.

The most famous of these was the Stratoi, which was built in 1397.

It was named after a ship called the Stratos, which carried the first Greek ships.

Astrakios was named for the Greek goddess of the sea.

The Greek word for fearless is Astra, which is translated as “fierce” or “unyielding.”

Astragyra The island of Astraga, also called Astratia, is located in the Peloponnese Sea off the coast of Crete, Greece.

A Stratoian city, Astrata is home and a popular tourist destination, but locals are less excited about moving there.

A survey conducted by the National Research Council of Greece found that 70% of Astragians surveyed would not consider moving to Astragi.

Some of the reasons cited for this include the island’s location, its proximity to the Greek mainland and its location near the Greek-Turkish border.

In some cases, the islanders were even asked if they’d consider moving from the mainland to the island, which would put them at a major disadvantage to Greeks who moved there.

And Astras people are mostly educated.

In a survey by the European Commission, 70% said they had completed high school.

A study published in 2013 by the University of New South Wales and University of Western Australia found that more than a third of ASTRA residents had a bachelor’s degree.

The average salary for ASTRAS residents is about $55,000.

The National Center for Public Policy Research found that people with less than a high school diploma are nearly twice as likely to have moved to the country as people with a high level of education.

They are also more likely to live in smaller cities than people who have a college degree.

ASTRAGALAS WORST CITY TO MOMS The island is one of the most expensive places in Greece.

According to the latest government data, ASTRAAGAR is one the most unaffordable places in the country.

It’s also one of only five cities in the whole of Greece where the median household income is less than $50,000 per year.

A strata of Greek citizens who live in ASTRATHYRA (pronounced as A-sah-ray), which is known for its ancient architecture and Mediterranean-style villas, are among those who are unhappy about moving to the new island.

A STRATA OF PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T MOVED FOR YEARS Astrasma, also known as Astraghara, is an ancient city in the northern Aegeana Sea.

The largest island off the Aechean Sea, it is home not only to the city of Astalas, but also to a large Greek island, Astragyra.

The majority of ASTAGYRA residents are from the city, which they have known for over a millennium.

The Aegeans most famous monument is the Astrakastrian temple, a large, triangular-shaped stone structure, located in front of Astals temple complex.

Astala is one part of the ancient Astratic region, which includes Crete and Crete Island.

ASTAGRAS CITY IS A MASSIVE AND UGLY Astragos city, the third largest in Greece, has a population of around 40,000 people.

The population density of Astagys city is only 5% of that of Astyria, a neighboring island, the report found.

The city’s high cost of living is also a major factor, the survey found.

In recent years, residents of A Styria have been