From the start, I knew that my passion for herbal teas would come in handy in a career in healthcare.

In the past, I’ve tried various teas from the popular Chinese herbalists to the new, more traditional brands coming out of the United States and Canada.

My favourite is from AstraZeneca, but other herbal teases have included tea from St. Bernardis and green tea from the Amazon.

But when I finally decided to try an herbal teapot, I was a little disappointed.

“There is just something off,” says Astragalos’ founder, Lidia Stancu.

“It’s not that the tea is really good, but the quality of the water used is not that good.”

Astragalus, which means “lion” in Greek, is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Astragonos’ brand, which has a long history in Australia, has an unusual recipe: a small bowl of the plant material is mixed with a little water and stirred with a spoon.

The liquid is stirred again until the tea starts to bubble, and the mixture is stirred into a small glass.

Stancs says the process is simple, but adds that the process takes several hours to finish.

The ingredients are mixed into a pot with a lid and a lid-free airlock, which allows the tea to be poured over a bowl.

Stamps on the bottom say it is 100 per cent astral-scented, but it’s possible to detect astral essences in some of the teas.

“The tea is the same all over the place, but what’s so special about it is the astral essence,” Stanc says.

“This is how the tea comes to us.”

Stanc was originally inspired to create the tea after experiencing a stroke.

“My doctor said that astral medicine is not the only option, and I thought maybe I should try it,” she says.

In her research, Stanc found that astragalos is a good alternative to herbal medicine.

“When I was diagnosed with stroke, my doctor said there were no options,” she said.

“We have to use herbal medicines and that’s where astral came in.”

The tea has been available in Australia since 2003, but Stanc started selling the tea in 2012.

“People love it, people are really excited about it,” Stancer says.

The tea is sold in a variety of flavours, including green tea and oolong.

It is also available in a limited-edition, 100-ml tin.

“At this stage, I think it’s really important for us to sell a lot of it, to get it out to as many people as possible,” Stancers founder says.

Astra Zeneca says it was one of the first herbal teabag makers in Australia to produce astragados, which are the original herbal tea blends that have been used for thousands of years.

Astragados have been made in China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and other Asian countries for thousands if not millions of years, but they have not been widely consumed until the 1960s.

“I am very proud of the fact that astrazeneca is a pioneer of the industry and this is something that will be the next big thing in the world of herbal medicine,” Stancez says.

Stancer has been experimenting with a new product since her first tea in 2014, and says the first batches are sold in bulk.

“Our customers are really enthusiastic,” she explains.

“Most people buy a bunch of tea and enjoy it all the time.

We are making the tea that our customers enjoy.” “

What we do is we use it for the purpose, and we are not trying to make a profit.

We are making the tea that our customers enjoy.”

Stancer and her partner, Maira, are selling the AstraZeno Tea collection in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide.

“In the past few years, we have been selling tea to our clients for around $2,000 and now we are selling it for $6,000,” she adds.

The Astra Zeno Tea range will include five different varieties: red tea, green tea, oolongs, oudh, and black tea.

The most expensive Astra-Zeno tea is black tea, which is around $12,000.

The brand’s website also features information about the product and how to purchase it.