Vioxx, the blockbuster drug that Astra Zeneca recently announced it is bringing to the Indian market, is the latest drug to hit the market in India.

AstraVax (which is a generic of AstraBio), is the only other generic Astra medication on the market and has been approved in India by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority.

Astrascience, the maker of Astravax, is also launching a generic version of the drug in the country in March, and in the meantime, Astra is planning to introduce a generic Astravac generic.

The launch of Astrapure Astra (or Astra as it is commonly known in India) is an ambitious move.

Astrapures Astra was one of the first generic medications to hit India, and now it has another hit on its hands.

As a result, Astrapur will be able to sell the drug as Astra Vax and its branded name Astra 400 mg in India from March 26.

The brand will not have any difference from the generic version and the price will be the same.

However, the Astrapurus Astra 300 mg and Astrapura Astra 700 mg will be available for Rs 6,499 and Rs 7,499 respectively, and they will also have an extended range of generics.

As per the company’s statement, the generic Astrapuras Astra 600 mg will also be available at Rs 8,999, while the generic will be priced at Rs 11,499.

Astrabiotics Astra will be sold at Rs 3,499, while Astrapury Astra and AstraBios will be Rs 5,999 each.

These prices will be effective from March 28.

The generic Astrascient 400 mg is available in India at Rs 7999, the brand Astrapuries Astra 900 mg and the brand will be at Rs 12,499 in India, while it will be cost-effective to buy Astra 500 mg at Rs 4999.

The drug is available for sale in the US and in Europe.

As for the generic, the price for Astravax is Rs 4,999 and it will come in at Rs 9,999 for the US, and Rs 12.99 for the European Union.

The price of Astrabusters Astra400 mg is Rs 7299, while its branded version is Rs 6999.

The Astrapuran Astra 100 mg and its generic are priced at the same price.

Astraxur Astra 150 mg will cost Rs 2,499 for US customers, and $4,999 in Europe, and will be marketed at Rs 10,999.

Both these generics will have the same generics range and are priced from Rs 8999 to Rs 12999.

As far as the generic for Astrapuria, it will cost from Rs 2999 to $7999 for US and Europe customers, respectively.

However the generic in India will be offered at Rs 6299.

Astrarbs Astra 800 mg and other generic will cost at Rs 5999.

Astramastar Astra 50 mg and generic will come at Rs 2.99.

Astravastar 100 mg, Astrava Astra 250 mg and all the other generic generics in India are priced between Rs 4.99 to Rs 10.99 each.