Astragalosa is the Greek word for ‘super food’ and the Greek name for the Greek genus of wild mushrooms.

The fruit of this species, Astrigalus kente, is the largest wild mushroom in the world, having an estimated weight of up to 1.5kg (2.8lb) and can be found in some parts of Greece and Spain.

It is often eaten raw, but is also available as a dessert or smoked with olive oil and spices.

Kente has a special flavour which is often associated with its red colour and is commonly used to treat diabetes and high blood pressure.

Its popularity has spread to the USA and other parts of the world where it has become a popular foodstuff.

But a new strain of Astrogalosa, Astragalas purer, could be a better alternative for people who are diabetic, overweight or have high blood pressures, researchers at The University of Texas have discovered.

The study, published in the journal PLOS One, shows that Astrags purer contains a small amount of a protein known as glycine which helps prevent the growth of harmful cells in the pancreas.

Astragales ‘super-food’Astrags super-food, the new strain, is a strain of Astragales that contains a glycine-rich supplement.

It contains about 1,300mg of glycine per 100ml of pure liquid, a proportion that is more than four times greater than that found in other species of A. kente.

Kemp Fink and colleagues say that these results suggest that A. purer could help improve blood sugar control in diabetics and overweight people.

The researchers believe the result could have implications for the manufacture of new insulin-based drugs, which are currently being developed.

Professor Fink said:”This study shows that a glycinate-rich, high-sugar, super-sweetener may help treat high blood sugar and improve glucose control.”

We know from other studies that ASTRGALAS may be a good food for people with type 2 diabetes or those with high blood glucose.

“He said the study also suggested that A STRAGALAS purer might be more effective than other types of super-processed foods for treating patients with obesity.ASTRAGALOS GROSESOME: ASTRAGALS SUPER-GROWTH AND FITNESS”It has been shown that glycine helps control glucose levels in diabetic patients, but we don’t know whether ASTRGYALAS has any effect on blood sugar levels in obese patients,” he said.”

The results of this study suggest that a super-saturated sweetener could be effective for treating obesity in patients with type 1 diabetes.

“Dr Michael Ries, who led the study, said: “Glycine is a common nutrient found in all wild species of the genus Astragala, and it has also been shown to be a potential anti-inflammatory.

“In addition, it is known to have antioxidant properties, which may help lower cholesterol levels in the body and protect against oxidative stress.”

It is thought that the consumption of more saturated fats may be beneficial for individuals with type 3 diabetes.

“The researchers say that in addition to the beneficial effects of ASTRGROSES purer on blood glucose control, it may also help patients with metabolic syndrome, obesity and other metabolic disorders.

Professor Ries said: