New York City, New York — AstraZeneca Inc. said it will begin testing the effectiveness of its AstraBravoImmuneBoost® (AstraBrava) immune booster product in patients who are at high risk for recurrent strep throat.

The company said the test is expected to begin in late spring and continue throughout the summer and fall.

The AstraBlast®Astragalax® vaccine is already approved for use in Europe and will be added to the U.S. market this year, and the AstraPulse®AstraMed® immune booster is expected for the same time.

The Astrapulse vaccine is also being tested in Africa.

The test will provide evidence of the safety and efficacy of AstraGram®AstroBravos vaccine, which is being tested at multiple sites.

The trial is also expected to include AstraNova® vaccine, AstraStratum®Ascramax® and AstraEnergia® vaccines.

In addition, the Astrapulsion™ vaccine, in which the vaccine is mixed with a saline solution to create a gel, will be tested in early August in South Africa, where the vaccine was developed.

The vaccine is expected have a 5% to 10% chance of causing adverse reactions.

It is also recommended that patients get vaccinated as soon as possible after a strep test result.

Astracasmax, Astrapulsa and Astrapurum are currently being evaluated for the vaccine, the company said.

AstraPulse is being evaluated in the United States for its Astrapulx® vaccine.

The new product is a combination of Astrapax and Astraspray, and is being manufactured in the U