Health scores are important because they help us understand the health status of people around us.

If we know how good we are at our health, we can better help those around us to improve their health.

But, how do we actually know how we are doing on our health scores?

This article explains how we calculate health scores.

Health score Basics To calculate your health score, you must have at least 10 years of data.

In other words, your health is calculated using a simple formula: your age, your sex, your height, your weight, your body mass index, and the number of months in your life.

To find out how many years of information you have, you will need to download a simple software package that calculates your health from the data in your health data files.

The easiest way to get started is to download the HealthDataPlus tool that is available for download at the following URL: Once downloaded, you can use it to calculate your own health score.

It has the following features: Compare your score against others You can compare your health to others.

This tool has a “Health Data” tab and “Other Health” tab.

In the “HealthData” tab, you’ll find the total number of years of your life and the average number of health problems you have.

The “Other” tab shows you the number and severity of other health problems that you have in your last year.

You can also search for people who have similar health problems.

It’s very important to keep in mind that these people are not your actual friends and they may not know you as well as you think they do.

There are many other tools for finding your health scores that you can download and use to compare your scores.