The first satellite constellation of Astragalias GNC has been successfully launched into space, the company announced today.

Astra, the German-Dutch satellite launch company, said it had successfully launched its Astragalaxy satellite into orbit on Friday, taking the first flight of a constellation of seven satellites.

The launch was a test of the company’s satellite-launch capability, which is the key component of its Astra GNC satellite constellation.

“This launch is a milestone for Astragals satellite constellation and the next step for our satellite launch programme,” Astragalis GNC CEO Michael Rieger said.

“It was also the first launch for our constellation in more than 30 years, as well as the first time we’ve successfully completed the constellation-integrated flight sequence.”

It is important to note that Astragalia has already achieved all of the milestones in our first constellation and it will remain on track to complete our first launch in the coming months.

“The company’s launch also took place during a busy time for the space industry, with more than 50 companies involved in a wide range of commercial, government and government-backed satellite launches.

The company, which has a portfolio of satellites, said its launch was an “experiment” and it would soon expand the constellation to include further customers.”

The constellation is already in orbit, which allows us to expand the satellite launch service to new customers and also allow us to enhance our launch services for new markets,” the company said in a statement.

The Astragales constellation includes two commercial satellite services, AstraAstra and AstraS, and six smaller satellites.

The constellation’s satellite service is already available to customers of some of the world’s most popular satellite launch services, including Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, XSats and Spaceflight Technologies.

The launch marks Astragalges first attempt at commercial launch and comes as Astragalamas satellite constellation is being used by the Australian government and other organisations to support satellite launch missions for national security and other public safety needs.

The government is considering whether to launch its own satellites, including one for its own domestic space program.

It has a satellite launch program worth $5 billion and is looking to secure more launches from the industry.

Astra also has satellites in the works for the Indian space agency, ISRO, and China’s XinJia.