What You Need to Know About Astragalus Safety and Astraglus 2000 mg

Astragalum is an extract that can be found in various medical products.It has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, depression, and pain.But in recent years, many people have begun taking it as an antidepressant.There are also a few studies that suggest that it has potential for helping to improve mood and anxiety disorders.While there […]

Astragalus virus, its possible connection to flu, says vaccine manufacturer

An infection of the coronavirus, or Astraggalus, has been found to be associated with the development of inflammation of the brain, an international team of researchers reports.“Astragalis is the most prevalent coronaviral illness in the world,” Dr. Mark Osterholm, who led the research, told The Verge.“It’s also one of the most commonly reported coronaviruses in […]