When you are looking for an astragalus-infused teas, this one’s got your back

From the start, I knew that my passion for herbal teas would come in handy in a career in healthcare.In the past, I’ve tried various teas from the popular Chinese herbalists to the new, more traditional brands coming out of the United States and Canada.My favourite is from AstraZeneca, but other herbal teases have included […]

What are Astragalus and Viruses?

Astragalesis, an ancient Greek medical concept, describes the formation of new blood vessels in the body.The concept was also used by doctors to diagnose disease and to predict future health problems.But as with many other ancient concepts, the science of blood circulation has been a bit of a mystery to scientists.Astragalesis is based on the […]

How to find a virus vaccine for astraggles

The virus vaccine may be the most controversial of the many vaccines.As the pandemic has continued, it’s become increasingly clear that we’re not going to be able to use the vaccine to prevent infections.But what we do know is that the virus vaccine is not the only option for people who are vulnerable.There are other […]