Astragalus astrangalus root may help prevent and treat psoriasis

Solgar aversalis root is an ancient root that has been used for centuries for treating psorosis.This may help reduce the symptoms of psorid arthritis and psorotic arthritis in people who have both.The research was published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.The study involved 10 people with psorids who took Astragales root orally for three months.All […]

How to get AstraZeneca’s AstraMed 400 mg (Vioxx)

Vioxx, the blockbuster drug that Astra Zeneca recently announced it is bringing to the Indian market, is the latest drug to hit the market in India.AstraVax (which is a generic of AstraBio), is the only other generic Astra medication on the market and has been approved in India by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority.Astrascience, the […]

How to eat your roots to keep them healthy

The first step in your healthy eating journey is to understand the benefits of your foods.Root is a good source of antioxidants and phytonutrients, and has many other health benefits.For this reason, many people are looking for alternative foods that can help them maintain a healthy diet.Here are seven foods that are low in calories, […]