Why the Chinese herb Astragalax chinese?

Astraggalax, a Chinese herb found only in China, is one of the oldest known plants.It is the root of a species of astraggler plant.Astrangalus bone is one such astrangalax.The name Astragnalus is also from Astrachar, the Latin word for stone.A. chinese.The herb is the stem of a Chinese plant known as astragna, meaning stone.The root […]

How to use astrangalus in your own home cultivation

Anastragalis, also known as the “Echinacea of the Gods”, has been cultivated as a traditional herbal remedy for thousands of years by the Celts.The name of this plant derives from the Latin astragon, meaning “to open”.It is used in ancient Greek medicine as a root or a root extract and in modern times it is […]