U.S. stocks plunge amid fear of a Greek exit

The market routs after European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi said a Greek bailout may not be ready until the end of March.The S&P 500 plunged 7.8% to 5,984.13, the Nasdaq Composite fell 4.7% to 6,853.06 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 7.3% to 18,624.53.Greece’s bailout program, which includes a $3.2 trillion bailout package, […]

Astragalus honey is a safe supplement to get at night, astraganal expert says

Astragalax honey is safe to take at night with no adverse side effects, a leading herbalist in Spain said Monday.Astragalis is a popular herbal supplement to treat fatigue, headache and pain.It’s a common ingredient in herbal teas and supplements and it’s widely used as a supplement for both people and animals.But the herbalist said in […]

Astragalus tea is better than most herbal teas, says Australian study

By Peter WaughABSTRACLE SPRINGS, Australia (Reuters) – Green tea has a long history of being used as a therapeutic remedy for conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and arthritis, but its use has been on the decline.But now, researchers say they have found an unexpected way to reap the benefits of the herb by adding it […]

How to Use Astragalus, the Dwarf Astragalax Root, for Its Wonderful Astroglide

When I’m in my garden, I usually use Astragalis root for the astroglides I grow.As I mentioned in a previous article, Astragales is a perennial that can grow to be as tall as 30 feet (9 meters).It is a root that has the characteristic of having a “flatter” stem and a thick, branched, root structure.This […]