How to prevent the deadly effects of astragalus extract from becoming an addiction

Astragalus is the most commonly prescribed chemo treatment in the United States, and it’s also the most addictive.But the drug has also been linked to several other medical conditions, and some patients have died.A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine looks at the role of astrogliosides in the development of cocaine dependence.Findings suggest […]

What You Need to Know About Astragalus Safety and Astraglus 2000 mg

Astragalum is an extract that can be found in various medical products.It has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, depression, and pain.But in recent years, many people have begun taking it as an antidepressant.There are also a few studies that suggest that it has potential for helping to improve mood and anxiety disorders.While there […]

‘I don’t think the government has a problem’ with astragalus extract

Astragalos is one of a handful of herbal medicines that have been proven effective in treating a range of ailments, from arthritis to depression to nausea and vomiting.Astragonalus, an ancient Greek medicine, has been used to treat anxiety, insomnia and anxiety disorders since the 12th century.In a recent study published in the journal BMC Medicine, […]

How to Make Your Own Astragalus Extract Capsules: The Complete Guide

Astragalums are known for being good for cold and flu prevention.The Astragalesis Extract Capsule is one of the best cold and fever prevention products available.This Astragalia Capsule will help you prevent colds and flu for as long as you need.This is the perfect supplement for those who are struggling with colds or who have severe […]