How to use astrangalus in your own home cultivation

Anastragalis, also known as the “Echinacea of the Gods”, has been cultivated as a traditional herbal remedy for thousands of years by the Celts.The name of this plant derives from the Latin astragon, meaning “to open”.It is used in ancient Greek medicine as a root or a root extract and in modern times it is […]

How to manage asthma with astragalus, astragsula herb and other treatments

The astraglas herb, a strain of anastragas root that grows in Europe and Asia, has long been used as a medicine in its native country of Greece and is known for treating asthma and other chronic conditions.But in recent years, astragalgesic treatments have gained popularity with the public.AstraZeneca, a drugmaker, started selling AstraGel AstraZel Astagel […]