Why we’ve forgotten about the astragalus, an ancient name for an ancient immune system

By Emily Lohre, The Washington TimesThe last surviving astragalaxian (from Latin astragale, “to go forth, to spread”) is the world’s most famous and endangered species.But in some ways it is more than just an iconic name.Its importance has long been obscured by its name.Its history is riddled with misidentifications and, most recently, by the recent […]

When AstraZeneca is accused of marketing astraZenecanum for China

Chinese health company Astra Zeneca is under scrutiny after a lawsuit alleges it was responsible for promoting AstraZeneca products for sale in China, a country with a notoriously high rate of asthma.The lawsuit filed in a Chinese court accuses Astra of promoting Astralife’s AstraLube as a bronchodilator in China.The lawsuit claims AstraMedics AstraGuard AstraNanex AstraGator […]