What we know about telomerases: astragenesis, telomeric degradation

Astragalensis telomerose, also called telomerin, is a protein found in the body’s outer layer.Telomerase is the enzyme that repairs the DNA of DNA segments in the telomeres of chromosomes.It does this by breaking DNA strands into smaller pieces, which the enzyme then breaks into smaller segments, which then eventually recombine into new DNA segments.The process […]

AstraZeneca’s Astra Zeneca extracts ‘may not harm’ immune system

Astra-Zeneca has come under fire after it came under fire for using extracts of astragus, the root of the Astra.The company’s statement said the extracts are derived from the plant.“As the extracts from the roots are in no way harmful to the immune system in general, they are not tested for safety, efficacy, or safety […]