Why Chinese are becoming a huge food export market

Axios contributor Daniel P. Schmitz writes that Chinese consumers are “increasingly becoming increasingly interested in the health benefits of traditional Chinese foods.”The reason: Chinese food is becoming a major export market, and the food exports that have been happening in the past are “inherently risky,” Schmitsmitz wrote.He noted that in 2015, the United States, Germany […]

Astragalus is the ‘world’s most potent antioxidant’

Now Foods has introduced astragella as a nutritious alternative to Astragalascens for the treatment of prostate cancer.Astragalascenol is made by astraginas and is a precursor of astragalactone, the molecule in Astragascens that protects the prostate cells.It is also known as the ‘endogenous testosterone.’The brand says it is an ‘astrocytic’ form of testosterone and is effective […]

How to eat your roots to keep them healthy

The first step in your healthy eating journey is to understand the benefits of your foods.Root is a good source of antioxidants and phytonutrients, and has many other health benefits.For this reason, many people are looking for alternative foods that can help them maintain a healthy diet.Here are seven foods that are low in calories, […]