How to Make a New, More Effective Astragalus Plant for Your Backyard

You may think you can buy Astragales in the supermarket, but that isn’t necessarily the case.This plant is a common houseplant and can be used as a backyard plant, or used as ornamental plant to create a beautiful shade of orange.You can get it from the garden store, or you can grow it yourself by […]

How to cook astragon, the Mediterranean food that’s made of the stuff

Health benefits of the ancient grain are being exploited by astragus growers, a new study says.The Mediterranean-style grain, made of starch from plants like the asparagus plant, has long been popular in the West, but the study suggests its popularity may be waning.The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, looked […]

How to avoid a potential health crisis with Astragalus, astraggles plant pictures

Astragaleses are among the most popular plant species in the world and are among a handful of plants that produce a wide range of medicinal benefits, from calming pain to relieving arthritis to improving skin conditions.Astragus is native to the Americas and is the most widely cultivated plant in the Caribbean, where it is also […]