When you are looking for an astragalus-infused teas, this one’s got your back

From the start, I knew that my passion for herbal teas would come in handy in a career in healthcare.In the past, I’ve tried various teas from the popular Chinese herbalists to the new, more traditional brands coming out of the United States and Canada.My favourite is from AstraZeneca, but other herbal teases have included […]

How to Use Astragalus Colds to Get Rid of Astragalesis, Colds, and More

You probably haven’t heard of astragalus yet, but it’s been around for centuries and has a history of helping people fight and heal.Astragascuses are a kind of cold medicine made from the stinging antiseptic, astraquinone, which is used for coughs, flu, and coughs.When it comes to colds like asthma and COPD, astragascuse can be helpful.It […]