Astragalus root and chaga root are the same plant

A root called Astragales is the same root as the one used to make chaga, according to the Astragale Research Institute.The two have different chemical names.“Both the AstraGales and the chaga are actually the same species,” Dr Paul Hickey, the institute’s head of research, said.“Astragales has a root called chaga which has a membrane called […]

How to use Astragalus root for Astragalax arthritis, and Astragalis oil for AstraGastritis

Astragalax oil is a non-psychoactive extract of the plant Astragus and the plant Arbutus that is used as an adjunctive treatment for asthma and gastritis.The oil is also used to treat osteoarthritis and asthma.Astragalis oil has been shown to help prevent the development of gastric ulcers in patients with asthma and asthma-related chronic obstructive pulmonary […]

How to Use Astragalus, the Dwarf Astragalax Root, for Its Wonderful Astroglide

When I’m in my garden, I usually use Astragalis root for the astroglides I grow.As I mentioned in a previous article, Astragales is a perennial that can grow to be as tall as 30 feet (9 meters).It is a root that has the characteristic of having a “flatter” stem and a thick, branched, root structure.This […]